Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tool #11 Reflection

I love my blog.  I have a blog that I use with my teaching partner, Angela Skrivanek.  It has been a great resource to let parents and students know what we will be doing in the classroom.  We've used a google document to show our weekly planner.  I believe that this has cut down on excuses for no homework and has helped students be more proactive regarding their homework.  

We are creating a google doc in the next few weeks for summer reading recommendations.  Each student will create a slide with their reasons that the title of their choice will make a great summer read!

The ipads in my room are a treat!  It's amazing what things kids can learn and what skills they will practice if it involves that technological piece.  My summer wish will be to discover even more LA and Social Studies apps that will help my kids.  

The technological conversations at faculty meetings and the lounge have dramatically increased thanks to our campus' participation in 11 tools!  AWESOME!