Monday, March 5, 2012

Tool #10 Underneath it All

Thank you SBISD for the excellent resource on digital citizenship sites!
  • I want students to take their online privacy seriously. I want students to make good choices when sharing information on the web. I want student to be aware of the permanency of the internet.
  • I am excited to use the girls YOUTUBE video about online and electronic privacy. Kids love YOUTUBE and I think they will stay engaged to the message.
  • When introducing our homework blog, we talk about not writing anything you wouldn't want your mom to read. We also discuss only using your first name to post so that the creepy people can't find you.
  • Curriculum night is a great venue to share with parents your digital citizenship expectations.

Tool #9 Incorporating the tools

As in all lesson plans and activities, if it doesn't make sense or connect to the world, most kids won't BUY into the learning.

  • If we don't hold students accountable for time spent in centers/stations then we aren't preparing them for the REAL world. In everyday life, we are held accountable for our time and our lesson plans. Students need to be held accountable for their work and time so they understand that we believe their time is valuable too. When held accountable they are also more likely to stay on task.
  • I like the website Studyladder. I was able to set up a class account and assign whole group activities and even individualize assignments for students as well. NICE.
  • Tutpup is a great website to challenge my kids on spelling words, especially during spelling bee season! My kids love competition. The fact that they will be competing against kids from around the world will be a real driving force.
  • Futaba looks like a great ipad app for students to use when learning new vocabulary and can be played in pairs! This would be great also when we are reviewing vocab for upcoming assessments.
  • Play Time Theater sounds like a blast. Students use the ipad to create puppet shows. I think we could have a great time with this when we study tall tales. Students could use the puppets to create their own tall tale for others to view.
  • i books, is something I hoping will be a real helpful tool in my classroom. I always have some reluctant readers. I think I could get them to READ more if they were able to use the technology device to read a story.
  • I'm sure with more searching I will find more i pad games that are helpful for third graders. I know my child LOVES our ipad and has learned many of her letters and letter sounds thanks to the interactive games.