Friday, February 17, 2012

Tool # 8 Devices

I'm so glad that we will be getting some more laptops for the classroom. I have five that work on a consistent basis these days, and look forward to having more available for daily use.

What I learned about the devices:
1. I will need to lug them into the network and power at times to receive updates from the district.
2. Students may find it easier to log on if they use SBS/username!
3. They each have a video option and we can record and manipulate videos.

I have my students reading in BOOKSPOTS while I pull guided reading groups. I will be able to create more webhunts, and reading/technology projects for students to share their reading and thinking now that I will have these devices. We will talk about proper use, storage, and sharing before we begin.


  1. It *will* be nice for the new Netbooks to have video capability. More flexibility in creating student-driven projects and responses. Will be interested in hearing in greater detail about your ideas, such as the Web Hunts, for using the new devices. How do you currently use BOOKSPOTS with your students? I visited the site, but wasn't sure how you make it a center... :-)

  2. Sorry for the cryptic symbols at the end. Was supposed to be a smile ;)

  3. Francie,
    Bookspots is just a name for where my kids go and what they do during independent reading time... it isn't a website or curriculum.