Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tool #6 Web Tools for Class Discussion

I'm well aware that this tool is to help me with classroom discussion, but in case anyone is reading let me tell you I LOVE SKYPE! It's a great tool to keep up with friends and family. It has changed the way I get to watch family members literally GROW up.

My principal even allowed me to skype into a faculty meeting when I had my OWN child was sick. I was able to be a good mom and still DO MY JOB! Seriously, I LOVE SKYPE.

Skype- I'm excited to get our new devices and have the ability to use SKYPE in the classroom. This technology can be used to check in on our friends who have moved across the world and see how life in third grade is in China, Japan and other fun places!
We could also skype with third graders across Texas to review concepts in Social Studies or even have a book discussion. Nothing is more exciting than seeing the person you are visiting with. This face to face communication PLUS technology will promote student involvement.

COVERITLIVE- I want to like this site, but I'm not so sure. This site enables you to set up on online private chat room so that students can share thoughts and ideas on the topic designated by teachers. The thing I'm not in love with is that you can't preview your chat before it goes live. I'm sure in the moment this would motivate kids to discuss. We've got to get our keyboarding skills together before they can communicate well enough to keep up with a live chat. I think that I would like to use Today's Meet. There's no need to sign up for an account. We've practiced Today's Meet in faculty meetings. My only worry with third graders is that there's no way to moderate comments, so lessons will need to be given on appropriate comments and how to leave comments that contribute to discussions rather than distract from discussions.

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  1. Awesome post! How are you on Tool #6?????? Keep up the great work!