Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tool #5 Web 2.0

Karen J. also introduced me to Stupeflix Video. It reminds me of Animoto, but seems a bit easier. I've always had trouble with kids working Animoto... either it is down, log in is difficult, or appropriate music issues. I would love to have the kids make an end of year scrapbook video, just like I did, but I can see education opportunities too.

For Language Arts:
Wouldn't it be fun to have kids create a virtual scrapbook that the character in their book might own?
Social Studies:
We study people who inspired the STORY OF AMERICA the 4th 9 weeks in third grade. It would be fun to see how kids could make a quick video about the scientist, pioneers or explorers who we study.
Wouldn't it be fun to make a video of real world geometry or examples of multiplication?
We study the order of the planets in third grade. You could make a cute review to share and study by in this app.
I also checked out Slide Rocket. The virtual tour was interesting. It seems like a really fancy powerpoint that you can use with all kinds of virtual media and tracking components. I can see where it would help businesses, but I'm trying to think through avenues to use it in the classroom. If you have any ideas, please let me know. I'll try to come back and share if any ideas come to me!
A reading group of mine is working to create a glogster right now and share with us what they learned about Dr. Seuss. I'll attach it here as soon as they are ready for it to be published.

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