Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tool #4 The Cloud

1. I teach third grade Language Arts and Social Studies. I partner with Mrs. Skrivanek who teaches math and science. I love partner teaching. There are so many perks to being able to focus on curriculum and dig deep rather than skim across multiple content areas. With partner teaching there are many things to think about. One major issue is helping families keep up with what' s going on in both classes. We have create a blog which we use to help keep everyone up to date. One page on our blog that has worked beautifully thanks to Google Doc is our PLANNER PAGE. Angela and I created a good spreadsheet which we share and update weekly with our content area. Check it out! One of the best parts is that once we edit it in Google Docs, it is automatically changed and updated on our blog. THANKS GOOGLE!
2. Creating a form was super easy, and check out the backgrounds you can use?! Right now I have my kids record their reading homework on a blog. I think it would be interesting to try a google form instead, just a thought. I'm going to keep thinking... and have a few friends try it out. I'd like to see more once I see how information that is submitted is then reported to me through the app.
3. I've had my students use google docs this year to publish their writing. It has been very helpful since they are able to access their work from any computer and even share it with me!

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