Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tool #2 PLN

I visited a few of the sites noted on SBISD 11 tools for the 21st century.

Below are the sites I visited and what I noted....
  • http://classblogmeister.com- This teacher's blog is very similar to what I have been using in my classroom. She seems much more confident to use pictures and video than I have. I often worry about kid's privacy.
  • http://hill.troy.k12.mi.us/staff/bnewingham/myweb3/- This site has ROCKED my world and totally influenced my classroom. Thanks to Beth, teachers everywhere can benefit from her great teaching strategies and ideas. She's so wonderful, that SCHOLASTIC now employs her to write for them and share ideas. I think her ideas can be tweaked to work for a variety of grade levels and subject areas.. but grades 1-5 would benefit most from her work. I went to read the third grade blogs from Valley Oaks Elementary. They did a nice job last semester thinking through the use of a blog and have interested me in pinterest.
I also activated my Google Reader account and subscribed to the following websites:
  • www.ihategreenbeans.com- This site is not at all teacher related except that the voice that this young woman uses to talk about reality TV is HILARIOUS! Mostly, she blogs about my favorite tv trash, THE BACHELOR. I hope you will enjoy her antics and wit as much as I do. Happy Reading.
  • http://booksforellkids.blogspot.com/- SBISD 11 tools page noted this website as well. I decided instead of writing about it above, I would include it in this section. It is a nice resource for books to use with all students, but especially ELLs. I have added it to my list of subscriptions so I can keep up with her new additions to the bookshelf.
  • Last year, my teaching partner and I used edublog for our class blog. While I understand why the district wants us to use blogger, I feel like the edublogger community was much more organized and easier to reference when trying to find how to get a blog started and what to include. One teacher that did a great job was...http://weblogs.pbspaces.com/mrskolbert/.
I already have a delicious account. At first, I found it very helpful for keeping track of my bookmarks. However, these days with "the cloud" and my apple devices, keeping up with bookmarks isn't an issue for me anymore.

I find it easier to comment on blogs when questions are posted or if I have experience with the technology that is being referenced in the blog. Sharing my comments wasn't an issue. I realize the world could read my thoughts, but the probability of that is slim in this forum.


  1. This is a fabulous post full of great information! I like the way you linked the sites you referenced. The world might not be reading your blog, but the SBISD community and HCE peers will be following you to learn from your *terrific* thoughts and ideas!

  2. Ok, I had to visit your blog because I LOVE your title. It's just hilarious! And when I got here I see you're really a step ahead! Already on Tool #2 sharing GREAT ideas and websites. I agree with Francie, the world may not see it but our HCE community will...Good ideas!

  3. Omi,
    I really enjoyed your post, thanks for sharing those terrific teacher blogs. This is such a great way to recommend information and share ideas; I look forward to my own research and Tool #2 post.


  4. Thanks for the kind words. Blogging can be a great vehicle for sharing new ideas!